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Why Is the Church Still Here

by Calvin Frazier

Buy the book: Calvin Frazier. Why Is the Church Still Here

Release Date: May, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Calvin Frazier. Why Is the Church Still Here

Impressed with this book

I was really impressed with the book, "Why Is The Church Still Here?"

Particularly, with all the research that had to have gone into the project,it compels one, to at least, consider these facts to be true.

Being one, that is not in any wise a "Bible scholar", and have never found the Bible to be an "easy read"; much less the Book of Revelation, I must say "Why Is The Church Still Here?" made it quite understandable, indeed. Scriptures were given by Evangelist Frazier to back up every thought or opinion, so as not to influence one to go along simply on his "say-so". I would encourage everyone to read this book. Whether you are a believer or just someone searching for truth in this present age. Surely, you will be most enlightened, to say the least!.

I wait with anticipation for any future books published by Evangelist Calvin Frazier. with all the research that you had to have done. It was well written and VERY understandable.

Iam by NO means a Bible scholar, much less knowledgeable when it comes to the Book of Revelation, but I must say that with your backing up every statement you made with scripture, makes one believe it to be just the way you interpret it.

God bless you and I am looking forward to your next one!

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It was comforting to read and understand

This book was written with compassion and God-given enlightenment. The author explained, in laymens' terms, so that All would be able to understand such an in depth book, as Revelation. It was comforting to read and understand, and the Biblical references made actually changed my views on the rapture as it relates to the Bible. I STRONGlY encourage those who want a better understanding of the book of Revelation, to get this book. One will certainly be pleased and comforted. My sincere thanks to the author for allowing God to direct him.

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