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What Christians Really Believe & Why

by Stanley J. Grenz

Buy the book: Stanley J. Grenz. What Christians Really Believe & Why

Release Date: May, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Stanley J. Grenz. What Christians Really Believe & Why

Middle-of-the-road, evangelical apologetic

Stanley Grenz aims this work ostensibly at the North American religious "seeker." Structured in seven chapters, each addressing an existential question that Grenz thinks most North Americans (it is a very culture-bound work) ask at one point or another, Grenz attempts to guide the reader through the hodgepodge of contemporary "spiritualities," hopefully ending up within the fold of orthodox evangelical Christianity. The reader who is already well-versed in the culture of evangelical Christianity will find little that is unfamiliar, though Grenz does offer a somewhat nuanced view of the meaning behind Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. Pop culture references abound, in a worthy attempt at contemporary relevance. Curiously--perhaps in an attempt to avoid sounding too scary--the word "sin" is not mentioned once. One unwelcome tendency is Grenz' propensity for making statements--such as calling the Bible the "sourcebook" for Christians, or referring to various beliefs as "erroneous"--without adequately backing them up or elaborating what he means or why he means it.

This is not, by any measure, a bad book, and evangelical Christians ought to find much to celebrate about it. However, it is a bit too brief on some key points. And the title's implicit assertion that Grenz gives voice to the theology and beliefs of all Christians is, to me, rather off-putting.

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