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When A Believer Marries A Nonbeliever

by Bebe Nicholson

Buy the book: Bebe  Nicholson. When A Believer Marries A Nonbeliever

Release Date: 1997

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Bebe  Nicholson. When A Believer Marries A Nonbeliever

From a nonbeliever's perspective

I purchased this book for my Christian fiancee, as our differing spiritual beliefs had created some tension between us. I read it first, expecting it to be filled with tricks and traps to convert me to Christianity. Here they are, in a nutshell:

1) Set a good Christian example, and 2) Pray often and vigorously.

Hope I didn't spoil the plot for anyone! Obviously, my skepticism was unwarranted. The book also contains wonderful advice in non-spiritual areas, such as love and communication. The message that "it is God who ultimately draws us to Him" is important for those who may feel the burden of their loved ones' eternal life rests solely on the believer's shoulders.

The only reason I didn't rate this book with five stars is it focuses on only two types of nonbelievers: "lukewarm" Christians who haven't developed a personal relationship with Jesus, and agnostics who have little or no spiritual life at all. Perhaps a future edition could include believers from different faiths. In my opinion, many of the book's reasons for becoming a Christian, such as overall health and happiness, would apply to becoming a Jew, Buddhist, or Muslim as well.

Still, this book accomplishes its goal very well, and I recommend it for any believer/nonbeliever couple. It helped me to realize "our differences may be deep, but not wide, and we can hold hands across the gap."

Thanks, Bebe!

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A personal and warm sharing of faith.

Bebe Nicholson has shared her personal experience on how to lovingly witness to an unbelieving mate. Her work serves as a practical guide and inspiration for those who are married to an unbeliever and desire to have their spouse open to a personal relationship with Christ. She carefully identifies the importance of prayer and encourages the reader to employ a gentle and kind witness. Bebe has authored a poignant work that brings both laughter and tears to the reader. This book is highly recommended to every believing spouse who sincerely desires to learn and grow as they witness to their unbelieving mate. It is also recommended to those who counsel couples.

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