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Ultimate Questions

by John Blanchard

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Release Date: June, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Blanchard. Ultimate Questions

An evangelistic tool - good to a certain extent.

The booklet, Ultimate Questions, by John Blanchard asks some serious questions about God, man, Jesus Christ, Repentance and faith and living a new life in Christ. It is primarily used as an evangelistic tool to bring the unbeliever to a knowledge of God and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Scripture is quoted extensively to corroborate what Blanchard says and it is always italicized. The big disappointment comes when the scripture references are all lumped together in the back of the book instead of where they are quoted. As a consequence, only a student of the bible would have some idea of what the reference might be. Oftentimes two or three references have to be looked up before the correct one is found that corresponds to the one quoted. For the most part the individuals being evangelized wouldn't have a clue. And they are the primary users of this booklet. In this instance, I think Blanchard lost sight of his audience. In his defense, the references are at least broken down by what page in the booklet they appear on.

Writers should avoid taking shortcuts that save them a little time, effort and book size one time up front, but cause countless others to have to contend with those shortcuts time and again.

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An excellent evangelism tool

Well written and includes captivating photographs. This evangelism tool is a "keeper" due to the color photography and methodical explanation of salvation. Also available in 33 languages from english to Zulu.

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