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Today's Evangelism: Its Message and Methods

by Ernest C. Reisinger

Buy the book: Ernest C. Reisinger. Today's Evangelism: Its Message and Methods

Release Date: April, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ernest C. Reisinger. Today's Evangelism: Its Message and Methods

A Must Read for Church Leaders

Although the premise of the book may seem simple, it is amazing to see how few churches today could even agree with the simple method of witnessing explained in this book that Jesus Himself used. Eye opening and humbling, this is a must read for any serious Christian.....especially those involved in "outreaches."

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Extremely relevant in our day

This is an important book in helping someone to come to a Biblical understanding of what evangelism is ,and what the doctrinal content of the evangelistic message ought to be.Mr.Reisinger has also identified a key element which should never be missing in the evangelistic message,that is repentance. He writes regarding this on p.27"Repentance is one of the vital elements of the gospel message that is strangely absent from most of the present day evangelism,both personal evangelism and mass or public evangelism.This essential ingredient of gospel preaching has slowly,but surely,faded from our present-day pulpits. As a result of this missing element,our church rolls are filled with many members who have missed repentance and will perish unless they repent." In chapter 6 entitled,"What is the difference?",the author gives us 5 theological tests that may be applied to help one assess whether their evangelism is God centered or man centered. The appendix on the nature of saving faith is also very valuable in helping someone test if their faith is genuine. This book was first published in 1982 and is still one of the best books in print on evangelistic methodolgy.

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