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Theology for the Community of God

by Stanley J. Grenz

Buy the book: Stanley J. Grenz. Theology for the Community of God

Release Date: January, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Stanley J. Grenz. Theology for the Community of God

Excellent Systematic Theology

I bought this book because it was required for a class i was taking on the history of the Church. As it turned out this is one of few text books that I decided to keep. As I read Grenz's excellent presentation of the Protestant Christian faith I was challenged to think on issues that I never before considered. Overall I think this is an excellent book for any Christian who is seeking a greater knowledge of their faith or for anyone who is considering converting to the Christian faith and is curios about its beliefs and some of its doctrines.

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Erudite and Comprehensive

This is a wonderful introduction to the study of what has been traditionally referred to as "systematic theology." Grenz has obviously strong commitments to the evangelical Protestant tradition in particular, but this in no way hinders his ability to survey quite objectively the vast multiplicity of views available on any given subject; no stone is left unturned in the fields of the traditional categories of systematics.

The work is structured primarily around two themes in particular: trinity and community. One would have to surmise that his commitment to a proper understanding of the trinity stems from his commitment to historic orthodoxy; on the other hand, his emphasis on community situates the work squarely in the so-called "post-modern" context. While the "community" motif might at times be a bit over-done, it provides a sturdy backbone to the work as a whole.

As a composite, the volume is meticulously well-structured. Each categorical section relates to the respective sections preceding and following, and one finishes the book with a strong feeling of having been exposed to a quite comprehensive survey of the various issues facing modern theology.

Grenz does an excellent job of interacting extensively with other theologians, both those from the contemporary scene and from the throes of history. All things considered, this is a refreshingly comprehensive, objective, and erudite work, and Grenz never once diverts from his task of appropriating the traditional themes of the faith to the contemporary situation.

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