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The Wigglesworth Standard

by Peter J. Madden

Buy the book: Peter J. Madden. The Wigglesworth Standard

Release Date: April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Peter J. Madden. The Wigglesworth Standard

Excellent and confirming

Unlike all the other Wigglesworth books I've read, this book is especially powerful because it's a NEW book (1993). It's so good to hear Madden affirming that THIS generation truly can know God like this past hero of the faith. For the hungry, I think it will strengthen your feeble knees and lift up your weary hands as you search for the utter fullness of God. (It has mine.) Those who seek truly will find! So let your hunger propel you right on through to Him. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they SHALL be filled."

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Follow him as he followed Christ

Everything about this book is insipired by the Holy Spirit. P.J. Madden's desire is to give the christian a viable way to join "God's End-time Army." In fact, Madden claims (I hope he wouldn't lie) that he felt impressed to write this book, with unpublished material, but when he made no headway, he abandoned the prodject. He lives in Australia, and when he made a trip to the Home of Peace, an old missionary home, in Oakland, CA, he found thirty-seven messages of Wigglesworth's!

Each of the six chapters begins with a story from Wigglesworth's life that illustrates the sermon to follow actually lived out. The wonderful thing about this book is that its focus is not to teach more about Wigglesworth's life, but to teach the reader to walk closer to Christ. Madden does this by following each of the sermons with five or six life keys. He picks out the meat of the sermons and expounds upon them using the Wigglesworth's life, previous sermons in the book, the word of God, and just plain writing what the Spirit placed inside of him.

This book WILL help you walk closer to the Lord if you prayerfully read it with an open heart.

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