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The Nation of Islam: Understanding the "Black Muslims"

by Steven Tsoukalas, Carl F., Jr. Ellis

Buy the book: Steven Tsoukalas. The Nation of Islam: Understanding the

Release Date: May, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Steven Tsoukalas. The Nation of Islam: Understanding the

probably the best way to approach the NOI belief system

If you are wondering about the Black Muslims, but only interested knowing the basics about thier belief system, this book is definatly for you. Tsoukalas has a wonderful gift for writing and telling history. Unlike most books about the NOI, Tsoukalas takes the right approach in describing thier history and belifs. The only book that might do a better job is C. Eric Lincolns book 'The Black Muslims in America' but that book goes into extreme detail within the black Muslim history. Tsoukalas's book is much more basic and to the point. He does what should be done, he tells the facts about the Blacks Muslims without totally bashing them. In his last chapter, he does give a Christian response to the black Muslims, but it is in no way a bashing of their belief system. I would definatly recomend this book to anyone who wants a short but well written explaination of the Black Muslims.

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Well Done Overview of Subject Most Uneducated On

Tsoukalas provides well-written, brief background and Christian evaluation of Nation of Islam, which most of us Americans hear much about and little understand.

He disbands the myths that it is Muslim. It differs as he carefully points out in its basic disagreement that W.D. Fard is Allah (God), and that he is a man, a black man. As anyone familiar with Islam is aware, this is totally against their view of Allah.

In a procession of messengers, beginning with Elihah Muhammed, continuing to Malcom X, then to Louis Farrakan, the author provides intro to this development and its implications.

Also, he provides advice on how a Christian can witness, given God provides the opportunity. This is very useful, as well as the accompanying discussion on a Christian evaluation of NOI. He is lacking on an understanding of the communication of Chrsit's two natures, which would alleviate the problems in this evaluation.

A good introductory read to the subject.

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