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The Other Revolution: Russian Evangelical Awakenings

by Geoff Ellis, Wesley Jones

Buy the book: Geoff Ellis. The Other Revolution: Russian Evangelical Awakenings

Release Date: November, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Geoff Ellis. The Other Revolution: Russian Evangelical Awakenings

Foundations for the Spread of New Testiment Christianity

From the Book's Introduction: "This work tells the little known story of the Russian Christian Evangelical awakening during the years of 1874 - 1928. It details the development as a direct consequence of the availability of the Bible in the Russian language precisely at the time when widespread acceptance was possible - the years of social reform following the freeing of the serfs in 1861 under Tsar Alex II. The authors conclude that for a brief time, the revival was a viable alternative to the nihilistic developments that ultimately led to the overthrow of the imperial regime. They chronicle a growth - despite unrelenting opposition - which was sufficient to change forever the heart of Russia. The work is submitted with the belief that the Russian spiritual soil has been cultivated by decades of hardship and struggle. They believe that the planting of the seed by the 'Gospel Christians' movement described in the book will finally result in an unparalleled harvest in Russia during the third millennium."

I found this book greatly encouraging for the prospects of a proliferation of raw New Testiment Christianity in Russia. Although they warn about the lionizing of Pashkov and Prokhanov, it is extremely helpful and enlightening to closely study their experience evangelizing Russia. This book is a must read for anyone doing or supporting Christian misson work in Russia. Also, of great importance, this book is short, fast moving, and easy to read at 220 pages. The authors give the important facts without getting bogged down on tangents. The time for Russia is NOW!!!!! The window of opportunity has been open for arguably 30 years of Russia's 2000 year history. GET INVOLVED!!! I question whether the West's track record since the fall of the Berlin Wall should be judged in terms of accomplishment or opportunity squandered!!! Are you willing to set on the sidelines and let this opportunity go by???

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