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The Facts on Roman Catholicism (The Facts on Series)

by John Ankerberg, John Weldon

Buy the book: John Ankerberg. The Facts on Roman Catholicism (The Facts on Series)

Release Date: January, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Ankerberg. The Facts on Roman Catholicism (The Facts on Series)

Great for Witnessing to Catholics

Just another Great tool to witness to the millions of catholics trapped in the false cult of "catholicism". The best tool, however, is the King James bible.......

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This may surprise you. Educational.

This is part of a three book series the authors have written to counter the major movements that run counter to Christianity. I would imagine that you are surprised to see the Mormons and the Catholics on this list. However, the authors succinctly, yet deeply expose the misinformation that populate these organizations. While Catholicism is basically Christian and has few errors, there are major points that a true Christian will not be able to support if he or she is determined to be Christian. Mormons are shown to be an outright cult, and particularly in light of recent events, the book on Islam can be a bit scary. It reveals in a sentence or two that Saddam is very close to being Hitler.

You may be shocked, but you will certainly be educated and more ready to defend your faith once you have read these short, scholarly books. The other two books in this series is The Facts On Islam (ISBN 0736911073) & The Facts On The Mormon Church (ISBN 07369111146).

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