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The Fabric of Theology: A Prolegomenon to Evangelical Theology

by Richard Lints

Buy the book: Richard Lints. The Fabric of Theology: A Prolegomenon to Evangelical Theology

Release Date: December, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Richard Lints. The Fabric of Theology: A Prolegomenon to Evangelical Theology

Quick Review

Good discussion of preliminary issues such as the methods and sources of theology.

This is a wonderful, clear-headed approach to taking the deeper things of Scripture seriously. No fluff will be found in this book!

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Getting Started on the Right Foot

Finally, a voice of reason in the postmodern philosophical heological quagmire. Lints (contra James McClendon and Nancey Murphy)does not fall prey to the tacit dynamics of ultramodernity with its ubiqitous and almost irresistable "pull" to ignore - if not deny - the God given fact of ontology. He not only resists the lure of such delusional epistemelogical "levitation" but navigates falicitously the perichoretic divine design of Scripture, culture, reason, and tradition, as all indispensible elements of the Orthodox (yet insuperably informed)modernpostmodern theological project. If I am not mistaken, this is his first excursion into the book publishing arena but with an almost uncanny intuitive savvy he has managed to fire an incredibly trenchant,concise, and cogent Evangelical "salvo" across the bow of the profferings of most of the more majesterial construals of the so called avant garde postmodern theologies. For any aspiring Evangelical thinkers, or scholars, that wish to engage such "fiat" interlocutors (notice that I did not say "dialogue"), or for veterans that simply want to be reminded of how theology is really done, this salient little tome will prove indipensable in calling us back to the all consuming and all encompassing fact that "the heavens declare the glory of our Lord". Admitedly all truth is Gods truth, accordingly,he inargueably demonstrates historic Christianity's power to remain unrivaled in its ability to subsume and assimilate what such truth really is and to situate it within the ultimate context - JESUS CHRIST,God incarnate - "through whom all things were made and through whom all things consist!!!" Thanks Richard for reminding us to defiantly and deliberately remain faithful by "getting started on the right foot!"May your tribe increase!

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