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The Effective Invitation: A Practical Guide for the Pastor

by R. Alan Streett

Buy the book: R. Alan Streett. The Effective Invitation: A Practical Guide for the Pastor

Release Date: December, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: R. Alan Streett. The Effective Invitation: A Practical Guide for the Pastor

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ

In these days of shallow preaching and easy believism, "The Effective Invitation has taught me to preach the Word in an uncompromising fashion and yet it has shown me the urgent need of the call to all to repentance and faith. Biblically and evangelistically this book is rock solid, and it is a well-rounded approach to evangelism and evangelistic preaching that will bless you tremendously. I look forward to reading it again and again along with the workbook.
This book is not a book that can or should be read only once. "The Effective Invitation" is a book that's not meant to be put on a shelf to flex ones intellectual muscle, but one that should be found on the desk, coffee table or some where sermon preparations are done. It's a book designed for the lay person, Pastor, Evangelist or anyone who is serious about the Word of God and how to deliver an effective call for sinners to Repent and Trust Christ through the proclamation, preaching, or heralding of His Word.
Without this book I would still be preaching a half-empty gospel. It is like putting a puzzle together and missing a piece. Some might say "it's no big deal" or others might say "Oh, well". But to me it never seemed complete. You see my preaching seemed to be missing something (just like the puzzle) until I found the missing piece in "The Effective Invitation".
This book has also shown me the need to have a message with an invitation and music that flows together in one accord. It has given me the necessary tools to be able to prepare, put together and deliver an effective evangelistic message. It proves this point through the use of Historical, Theological, and Biblical bases. It has shown me that it's not through the words of man but from the very Word of God is the call issued for the sinner to repent and believe in Christ and Him alone to save them.
The book also covers the invitation from A to Z which is the best method especially in these fast paced, hectic times we as minister are living in. Again it has shown me that I don't draw the people to repent and trust but that it is the role of The Holy Spirit to convict and draw.
This book has caused me to examine the reasons, moods, and methods of other preachers as wells as mine to have people walk the aisle. Also it has shown me how to deal with those who down play or even deny the need for an invitation and its biblical roots. May the Lord bless you as He has me through this book.

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An Apologetic & a Practical Guide for the Public Invitation

In recent days the evangelistic public invitation has come under heavy fire on many fronts. In some cases the criticism is well deserved because of public invitations that attempt to manipulate spiritual seekers. As such, many evangelists have retreated from calling people to a public commitment to Christ. "The Effective Invitation" by Dr. R. Alan Streett provides a powerful apologetic and a practical guide for a return to the public invitation. In this 252-page volume, the gospel message is clearly outlined, and an outstanding explanation of repentance and saving faith is provided. The author presents the Biblical and historic precedents for the public invitation, followed by a fascinating chapter chronicling Billy Graham's use of the invitation. Streett answers the critics and presents the pertinent reasons for extending an evangelistic call. Finally, he examines the "how to's" of preparing and delivering an authentic and effective public invitation. This includes an assessment of the various models used to invite people to make a decision. The book concludes with sections on the use of music (somewhat dated) during the invitation and insights into the particular sensitivities required when inviting children to Christ. "The Effective Invitation" is concise, compelling, and practical. I'm aware of no better book on the subject. I highly recommend it to any pastor or evangelist who desires to see people come to Christ through the public invitation.

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