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The Church and the Dechurched: Mending a Damaged Faith

by Mary Tuomi Hammond

Buy the book: Mary Tuomi Hammond. The Church and the Dechurched: Mending a Damaged Faith

Release Date: June, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Mary Tuomi Hammond. The Church and the Dechurched: Mending a Damaged Faith

A much needed book in this day and age...

This book is deeply moving and powerful. To someone like me, who has grown up in a secular family, and yet has felt deep spiritual longings, it has helped me to come to grips with the many bad things I see happening in the church and in the name of religion. It also gives me hope and a vision that things can be better, strengthening my conviction that Christianity is a force of good in this world.

I think this book has the potential to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. It is a must-read for devout Christians who want to understand those who have been alienated from their faith. But at the same time, it might also be helpful to those who are questioning their faith, or even those who have experienced some alienation themselves.

This book is by no means a mere criticism of the church--rather, it is a call to heal the wounds that the church has inflicted on people. It lays out a new vision for the church. It is a book of ideas, of hope, that can help us to create a church that reaches out rather than pushes away. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the book, however, is that it presents so many different perspectives and deals with so many issues.

I give this book my highest recommendation!

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