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Selling Among Wolves: Without Joining the Pack!

by Michael Q. Pink

Buy the book: Michael Q. Pink. Selling Among Wolves: Without Joining the Pack!

Release Date: July, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Michael Q. Pink. Selling Among Wolves: Without Joining the Pack!


This is the book that helps me put my newfound career in sales in proper perspective, His Perspective. I am by profession an early childhood teacher who is now also a consultant for a cosmetic co. I just could not figure out how sales which is generally looked unfavorably on by my family could be as honorable as teaching. Used to getting a paycheck for services from my employer, I was so uncomfortable handling money directly from the consumer. Also with a negative view and understanding of the profession as a whole, I also couldn't see sales fitting into Our Father's Plans for my life, His Kingdom and for His Good in world.( Now I have the potential to give more $$$ to charities and missionaries for His Purposes than I ever could on $16,000 a year). Pink's writing style is so down-to earth and non-preachy that if you are christian or not it shouldn't matter.If you want to be a salesperson from a point of honor, character and intergrity this book will guide you.

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Selling amoung wolves without joining the pack

Where to start with this book i don't know I will say that i hate to read I am 18 years old and a High School student I have Commited my life to Christ but have not lived the most Christian life I am always Going to parties and having fun as a Kid would do But I am looking to get in to sales and will start school for my Real estate license in Feb. I read this book at work and it was great I read it once and liked it so much I went back and took notes on it I would realy recomend it to anyone who is looking for a career in sales and needs a place to start IT IS A REALLY GREAT BOOK!!!!

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