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Should I Get Married

by M. Blaine Smith

Buy the book: M. Blaine Smith. Should I Get Married

Release Date: May, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: M. Blaine Smith. Should I Get Married

It's ok

I received this book several days ago and read through it with great zeal after all the excellent reviews it received. This book generally seems to be intended for 2 audiences: the young contemplating marriage; and the slightly older contemplating re-marriage. Well, I fall somewhere in the middle, in territory that either wasn't touched on or was barely glazed over. I've lived with my boyfriend for several years and am at the point that I'd like to get married (he's indifferent to the idea), and was hoping that there would be something in this book to help me navigate the waters that I now find myself in. In true "good Christian" form this author doesn't even touch the subject of couples living together without benefit of matrimony. It's obvious that my boyfriend and I both have commitment issues, which this author dedicates a whole chapter to, but there's nowhere to go from there. He advocates keeping a positive attitude and keeping marriage a goal in your life, if you truly decide that it's what you want, whether you're actually with the person you're going to walk down the aisle with or not. He also suggests praying for the significant other rather than shove bridal magazines under his nose. Both of those points are excellent advice in my opinion. When it all comes down to it, the only person you can do anything about is you. The author, a seemingly devout singleton, is rather indifferent towards marriage, he gives encouragement for both sides (marrieds/singles) both from personal counseling experience and Biblical references. As I said before, this is an ok book, but life isn't always as cut and dried as this book makes it sound, especially for those of us who became Christians later in life than others and are still dealing with choices they made pre-Christian.

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essential reading

When I was having difficulty deciding if my now-husband was the "right" person for me, I searched for answers from family, friends, and prayer. I believe that prayer and my persistence led me to M. Blaine Smith's books. Even though his "Yes Anxiety" title covers making wise decisions in several different areas, his insight into relationships is remarkable. I read "Should I get married?" after it. During courtship and engagement, I held onto these two titles and referred to them constantly. I learned so much about myself and what love and long-lasting marriage should be! I had been ambivalent and at times unsure as to what I should do about the prospect of marriage, even after I became engaged, and I spent many hours pouring over these two books. The most important thing that I learned is that NO ONE can be absolutely sure about any decision they make - with the help of family, friends, and reliance on God and belief that He wants the very best for you, you can make a decision and stick to it. I was able to make one of the most important decisions in my life because of the important lessons I learned from Smith's knowledge. As some people have mentioned in their reviews, yes, these books are written from a CHRISTIAN perspective, and the author is clear about that. If you are not a Christian, you may not find much here unless you open your mind to the many truths stated. For Christian singles - please read the two books that I've mentioned in this review. I truly believe that they will be of as much benefit to you as they have been to me. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for helping a very confused young lady make a change in her life - marriage to a man who is not only her husband, but her very, very best friend!

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