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Secrets of the Koran: Revealing Insight into Islam's Holy Book

by Don Richardson

Buy the book: Don Richardson. Secrets of the Koran: Revealing Insight into Islam's Holy Book

Release Date: January, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Don Richardson. Secrets of the Koran: Revealing Insight into Islam's Holy Book

Great Reading about a not so Wholly Book

The Publisher's Weekly article is completely unfair to this excellent and highly informative book. Richardson is taking a very diligent and intellectually honest interpretation as opposed to the PC or "moderate" look at the Koran.
Why is it even controversial to accept, that current and extreme views by some Muslims are not some unfortunate misinterpretations, but the actual and correct interpretations of the text and teaching of this not always so Wholly Book ?
It is a highly important book, as it shakes and slowly questions our dependence on the virtues of Global Multi-Culturalizm, the fundamental believe that different cultures can always peacefully and respectfully co-exist in our global village. The current reality and this fantastic book can teach us otherwise.

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"Secrets" exposed by world's most admired missionary

Don Richardson, today's most well known and admired cross-cultural missionary, has written an exposee of the Koran that will serve as the standard of truth on this topic for many years to come.

Mr. Richardson is most well known for his widely read book, "Peace Child," which was highly circulated by Readers Digest as well. He is known among missionary colleagues and many anthropologists for setting a modern standard for cross-cultural sensitivity (affirming all that is good within various cultures) without compromising the truth of the Gospel message. His book, "Eternity in Their Hearts," is a fascinating read, revealing God's work behind the scenes in creation and the natural order preparing most or all peoples and cultures for the reception of the Gospel. In "Secrets of the Koran," Richardson shares his frustration in not discovering much, if anything, for the Gospel to build upon in Islam.

Richardson is a seasoned scholar of the Bible and is most advanced in hermeneutics (using sound skills of interpretation, one of which is the importance of context) and exegesis (drawing "out" from literary text merely what is there and not reading "into" the text meaning that is not there). To his credit, he is not an ivory-towered literary critic. Instead, he is committed to practical application of the truth, with cross-cultural sensitiviy, to numerous cultures and peoples worldwide.

From his multiple careers, far from being extreme,(except for His commitment to Christ as Lord!) he has revealed a long-term commitment to sober sound-mindedness and commitment to truth. He has been a model and mentor to many of today's best missionaries. He has employed these same lifelong skills in his book, "Secrets" to bring to light what is actually in the Koran, without unnecessary diplomatic or political spin. I, for one, am very grateful to Don Richardson for his courage in telling the truth in this book and doing the hard work many of us do not yet have the skills or inclination to do. I believe the Islamic (tyrannical)/Western (liberty) divide, as revealed in "Secrets," is one that will rise to the top of global religious, policy, cultural, and destiny challenges in the decade or decades to come. It may have risen to this level already!

"Secrets" sets the plumbline for those committed to truth as it relates to the Koran, as well as gospel compassion. Read it! It will shake you up! -- hopefully towards embracing and sharing the truth!

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