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Screen Saved: Peril and Promise of Media in Ministry

by Dan Andriacco

Buy the book: Dan Andriacco. Screen Saved: Peril and Promise of Media in Ministry

Release Date: March, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Dan Andriacco. Screen Saved: Peril and Promise of Media in Ministry

must reading on electronic media and Christian living

In this little book Dan Andriacco brings into concise, accessible form a wide range of research and reflection on electronic media, the culture created by those media, and Christian approaches to living in an electronically mediated culture. Without slipping off the slope on either the side of outright rejection of such media or the side of rampant accomodation to them, Andriacco provides clear guidance for living with electronic media in a thoughtful, faithful, Christian manner. This guidance is rooted in a commitment to "reading" and relating to electronic media through two lenses: the lens of "media literacy" (understanding how and why electronic media work) and the lens of the Christian gospel. When I led a small group in reading and discussing this book we discovered very quickly that theory, theology, and practical suggestions work together in its pages to encourage transformation in the lives of those who read and discuss it. Thoughful reading is helped by questions for reflection at the end of most chapters. Though written primarily for church professionals this book is very accessible to anyone looking for help in living in our electronically mediated world.

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