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Rut, Rot or Revival: The Condition of the Church

by James L. Snyder, A. W. Tozer

Buy the book: James L. Snyder. Rut, Rot or Revival: The Condition of the Church

Release Date: December, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: James L. Snyder. Rut, Rot or Revival: The Condition of the Church

Hitting The Nail On The Head

This collection of messages complied by James L. Snyder on A.W. Tozer's theme of "Rut, Rot, or Revial: The Problem of Change and Breaking Out of the Status Quo", is a challenge to all Christians. Tozer presents to us the present condition of the church universal even though it was written more than 35 years ago. The message within this book is timeless as Tozer uses a wide variety scripture to support the decayed portion of the church. Tozer challenges all of us who label ourselves as Christian to wake up from our long sleep, or rut as he called it and press on to the higher calling of God. He makes it clear that change is the most difficult thing a church does and it comes at a price. He also shares the importance of the individual in the body of Christ and change is dependent on all the individuals changing so the church can change. The book flows well considering it is a compilation of sermons preached on this specific topic. If there is a downside, it would be some of the illustrations are outdated. Keeping in mind the messages were given back in the early 60s and it is sometimes hard for the modern reader to get the point. However, it is excellent reading for any Christian who wishes to deepen their spiritual life

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