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Scofield Study Bible

by C. I. Scofield

Buy the book: C. I. Scofield. Scofield Study Bible

Release Date: January, 1998

Edition: Leather Bound


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Buy the book: C. I. Scofield. Scofield Study Bible

A Handy Version of the Old Scofield

The small-sized version of Oxford's Old Scofield bible is a perfect blend of portability and scholarship. This is C.I. Scofield's 1917 version, which uses the KJV text along with Scofield's study aids--cross references, explanations, and introductions to each book. It also has two indexes (one for names, one for subjects) and a concordance as well as an index to the Scofield elements.

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Very Good Work

The Old Scofield Study Bible (KJV) is one of a kind. Let me be honest right from the start by saying that God's Word does not make any sense unless it is understood with a dispensational perspective. Anything less than that, and your stuck with a Bible that contradicts itself all over the place. All a believer has to do is allow God's Word to interpret itself, instead of listening to the so-called scholars of higher Christian education. They are the main reason for the Laodicean apostasy we find ourselves in today. Scofield did a good job at letting God's Book speak for itself. I have discovered by experience that most of the study bibles out there on the market today are filled with nothing but the authors private interpretation of the scriptures. What's so difficult about just believing what God's Word says, and not adding your own thoughts to it. The Scofield Study Bible does have it's weaknesses on certain passages, but overall it surpasses any other study bible currently out there. With all due respect, people that haven't discovered this have never really searched and studied the Book "with their hearts" well enough to make any worthwhile comment on the subject. Given the choice, I choose to listen and trust God's Word, and not the liberal Christian scholars. Ahhh, there's nothing like a King James Bible to clear up a college education.

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