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Releasing Heaven on Earth: God's Principles for Restoring the Land

by Alistair P. Petrie, Cindy Jacobs

Buy the book: Alistair P. Petrie. Releasing Heaven on Earth: God's Principles for Restoring the Land

Release Date: September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Alistair P. Petrie. Releasing Heaven on Earth: God's Principles for Restoring the Land

Not So Heavenly

'Releasing Heaven on Earth' by Alistair Petrie has been lauded in evangelical and charismatic circles as God's message for the Church today.However I feel Alistair Petrie's book contains extra-biblical teaching (such as ley lines which are supposedly "conduits through which spiritual power is transmitted for spiritual authority and which provide 'feeding troughs' from which an infrastructure of the demonic can nourish itself and be granted authority in any given area; the use of consecrated salt as "a prophetic act on a symbolic basis that has an effect in the spiritual realm", identificational repentance which is required to atone for the consequences of generational sin that can influence the person and his life and his nation, Holy Communion to cleanse the land, etc..) I also noted the misuse of Scripture in the book. What is perhaps most troubling is that the focus is on man (his intercession, prayer, cleansing of the land, repentance, obedience, etc to bring victory over sin) and not on what Christ has accomplished on the cross. I feel the author's teaching robs the Lord of glory and distorts the gospel.
What was very surprising to me were the endorsements from well-known leaders concerning the content of this book. Though no theologian myself, I cannot in good conscience recommend this book because of the errors I believe it contains.

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"heaven" is not our home

Finally evangelicals that are taking salvation to include all of creation! The whole premise of the book is that the creation (land) is included in redemption, not only in theory but in practice. He presents a theology that demands Christians to reclaim the creation actively through spiritual warfare. He attacks the western worldview that delineates salvation to "human souls" and instead shows how the Bible develops a theology of the land and then the salvation of the land. And when we claim the land back from its history of defilement and proclaim Jesus as its king, that even the people turn to follow Him.

The only major weakness that I see is Petrie's underdeveloped category of Idolatry. Either because Petrie hasn't considered, or as not to be offensive to typical Christians, he applauds groups like Greenpeace's efforts to recognize the prophetic voice of a groaning creation (good thing), he too quickly identifies idolatry as primarily the "worship of nature" while failing to recognize idolatry as the worship of the works of our own hands as well, if not almost exclusivly today- technology, science, economics, etc. This point should be developed further. He also sees and places emphasis on old covenants directly made with the "spirit" world while failing to recognize social contract with the works of our own hands as a foothold for the adversary to rule with us and enslave us and the creation.

But really, "Releasing" is a huge step forward. A must read for those of us concerned with reclaiming the creation for the true King. When I opened the book I was overwhelmed with the gravity and timing involved. Petrie has begun to build the bridge between intellectual evangelicals and the more popular spiritual warefare movement.

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