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Praying for You: A Workbook for Reaching Others Through Prayer

by Howard A., Jr Tryon

Buy the book: Howard A., Jr Tryon. Praying for You: A Workbook for Reaching Others Through Prayer

Release Date: August, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Howard A., Jr Tryon. Praying for You: A Workbook for Reaching Others Through Prayer

It is relationship, not method

Praying For You is a simple, straightforward description of a life dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Howard Tryon reminds us that effective evangelism is first predicated on our relationship with God, shared with lively illustrations of both his personal failures and victories. Second, the book is a reminder that for God to use us, we have to "be there" in relationship with unbelievers.

For those of us who rely on method, it is a succinct description of what the author considers, "relational prayer evangelism". In other words, if you are comfortable with the "Four Laws", Roman Road, etc., you will find this book enhances your effectiveness, because it stresses relationship, based on prayer, with the unbeliever; your neighbor, family member, bus driver, or waitress. A wonderful aspect to the book, however, is the emphasis on the Holy Spirit to work His witness even through the new Christian who knows no method, save, "once I was blind, but now I see."

Prerequisites for sharing the gospel? Ask yourself, are you a kind and compassionate person, winsome with the love and life of Jesus Christ, and are you dependent upon God in your efforts to seek and save the lost? If you are like me, and honestly reply to both questions sometimes in the negative, yet, in your heart you desire to see others come to Christ, then this is the book you have been looking for. What may I specifically be praying for you about this week?

For a good overview and excellent video I would recommend the www.prayingforyou.org web site.

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Lighthouse Movement presents training in prayer witnessing

"Praying For You is an extraordinary piece of work...a breath of fresh air in making evangelism personal and impact full."

Dr. Tony Evans, President, Urban Alternative Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

"PFY...may be the most effective way of evangelism presented in the past several decades." Review and Expositor, 94 (1997)

What happens when a veteran church planter cries out to God, "I'm tired of evangelism! I'm burned out with the methodology. There must be a better way.

What began with a prayer uttered in frustration and disappointment blossomed into a concept for sharing Christ that is usable in culturally diverse settings by both lay persons and Christian workers. Praying for You shows how to use prayer as the foundation for caring relationships in which one can share Christ with others.

Praying For You, Inc. in association with the Lighthouse Movement presents training in relational prayer witnessing. Come learn to be a more effective lighthouse, reaching your family, friends, neighbors, and work associates for Christ.

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