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Postmodernism : What You Should Know and Do About It

by Robert Brewer

Buy the book: Robert Brewer. Postmodernism : What You Should Know and Do About It

Release Date: 13 November, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert Brewer. Postmodernism : What You Should Know and Do About It

FINALLY...a book that tells me what to do about it.

Its about time that someone finally told us what to do about postmodernism rather than just what it is. This book couldnt have come out at a better time. I especially liked the acronym and the practical examples, especially Xenos, of what churhes are doing to minister to postmoderns. If nothing else, the book is worth these practical examples. I've read a number of books on the topic but this is the first to give me some ideas on how to rethink outreach.

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Culture has changed...has your approach to outreach ministry

From Foreword by Dr. Elmer Towns, Dean of Religion, Liberty University:
Postmodernism is a word that is currently used by many ministers in their sermons, but not many people on the street understand it. As a result, most people are confused about it when they hear the word. Dr. Brewer has helped people understand what it is, how it affects the church, and what the church can do about it. This book will help you understand culture, and help to adapt our unchanging message to a changing world. May we all study it and understand the times.

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