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Permission Evangelism: When to Talk, When to Walk

by Michael L. Simpson

Buy the book: Michael L. Simpson. Permission Evangelism: When to Talk, When to Walk

Release Date: July, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Michael L. Simpson. Permission Evangelism: When to Talk, When to Walk

Refreshingly Accurate

While walking in a bookstore recently, the title of this book caught my eye..."Permission Evangelism." What did that mean? Having grown up being taught formulas and stratigies to share your faith and reach those who don't have a true relationship with Christ, this book was refreshingly accurate. WE are NOT the ones who bring people to Christ. Jesus does that Himself, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, what is the believers role in evangelism? I can answer in one word...obedience. That was the most refreshing message of the whole book. If someone walks away from you, without you giving them the gospel message...that's okay! AS LONG AS YOUR WERE BEING OBEDIENT TO CHRIST AND WAITING FOR HIM TO MAKE SOME CHANGES IN THEIR LIFE. IT'S NOT OKAY IF YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SHARE AND DIDN'T. Some will say this book is very logical and common sense. Any mature Christian should know it. However, if that's true, why don't more people discuss evangelism this way? Thank you Michael Simpson for sharing your heart for the lost with us. May we all strive to be obedient in ALL circumstances, especially those that can have eternal significance.

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Excellent Read!

The concept of this book should be common sense that most resonable Christians already understand, unfortunately they do not. This book is a well needed reminder to those Christians who do get Simpson's concept, and a fresh approach for those well-intended Christians that do not, which in my experience is the vast majority of Christians.

My entire life, countless people have walked up to me and passed out Jesus literature, and then walked away, thinking they had done something good (rather, made themselves feel good). I currently live in the buckle of the bible belt, and experience hit-and-runs of this type all of the time. While, this example is simplistic, it is to make a point...

Most of the Christians I've encountered in my life time have intelligence and common sense, yet they continue to miss the boat when it comes to evangelism. While their intentions may be good...the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Simpson's wisdom and intelligence leap out from every page of this well-written book. It is a must read for mature and new Christians alike, and I look forward to his next book!

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