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Poverty, Celibacy, and Obedience: A Radical Option for Life

by Diarmuid O Murchu, Diarmuid O'Murchu

Buy the book: Diarmuid O Murchu. Poverty, Celibacy, and Obedience: A Radical Option for Life

Release Date: March, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Diarmuid O Murchu. Poverty, Celibacy, and Obedience: A Radical Option for Life

A refocusing of the reason for people living a vowed life.

A delicious millenial retransformation of the vowed life as a paradigm for oppositiional values in this age of law and order. O'Murchu defines the vows of religion in their pan-global concept as quintessential guideposts for the people of the 21st Century. Explicating Adrian Van Kamm's broad notion of the vows' "value radiating" essence, O'Murchu defines the vows in the context of guidelines of virtue and as the antitheses of violence. Courageously countering the catatonic obeisance to structure under the aegis of an endemic patriarchy, O'Murchu posits the idea that the male hierarchic structure of religions and cultures must accede to an expansion and an enlivening of the vows as living entities, as opposed to the vows as restrictions upon life. O'Murchu's quixotic example relative to celibacy is that human sexual urges and divine creation come together from the same energy to birth universal life. Repression will bring nothing but void. Essentially developing the positive qualities of vowed life as vows of mutual sustainability (poverty), relatedness (celibacy), and mutual collaboration (obedience). Fr. O'Murchu challenges the reader to reassess their role in living the vows and calls the male hierarchs, of all religions and cultures, to refocus and redefine the violent parameters of the vows as they have been developed over the past ten thousand years, to the pacific, harmonic tranquility of relatedness which calls humankind to virtue. O'Murchu supports and sustains his thesis through an anthropological and paleontological diagnosis of virtues in history and scripture, thereby indicating the original intention of vowed life in Eastern and Western cultures. Taking his hypothesis a major step forward, he argues that civilzation must return to the vowed life according to its original function as the beacon and as the goal for all living.. He argues that we must radically subsume the femininity which has been excluded from the consciousness of humanity these past three millenia. A must read for all male hierarchs, particularly those hierarchs who dominate the major contemporary monotheistic religions. To neglect reassessing vowed virtue and restoration of ideals and goals, O'Murchu asserts, will hasten the demise of Christianity and culture as we know it, due to the unconscionable continued violence of present vowed life, as misdirected against human nature. Reading this work of O'Murchu is a joyful emancipation for all others interested in redirecting the ideals and goals of humankind. Fr. Wm.G.Condon, csc e-mail Billcondon@AOL.com

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