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Moving in the Apostolic

by John Eckhardt

Buy the book: John Eckhardt. Moving in the Apostolic

Release Date: January, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Eckhardt. Moving in the Apostolic

A wholesale subject on the apostolic !

If you think you have come to a dead end or a crossroad , read this book. It will open new roads andd lead you to a greater purpose in life.

The church is not returning to her former glory but to a much greater glory when the apostolic ministry is fully restored and accepted worldwide. Eckhardt traces back the root of our heritage which must be put into immediate practice if we desire church growth in all dimension. It is clear the author is taking great effort in recalling us to a truth hidden under the collection of historical dust. In essence, Eckhardt is telling us that the conquest of our spiritual treasure is a mandate originated from the apostolic commission which the Lord has set forth.

Because this book touches on the apostolic, it also addresses the function of apostles. However, the overall contents do not just moor to the ministry of apostle. It is about the apostolic spirit swelling to great heights, and bringing new thrust to the church today.

Your heart will thump as you realize the apostolic spirit is still very much alive. It has a nature that is pioneering, generational and relational. Much of what Eckhardt mentioned here reveals the raw power of the apostolic. Quite simply, the apostolic spirit has arithmetic effects. It can cancels complacency, adds confidence, subtract fears, and divide the false from the truth.

To sum up, this book is packed with full-orb definitions and salient points. Leaders need to hear this author out if they are serious in fulfilling the final commissioning.

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I have read all of the fine books from the current apostolic movement and this is by far the most balanced and biblical of the books. The pastoral approach taken by the author gives us the most practical material yet from this ever growing movement in the church today.

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