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More Ready Than You Realize

by Brian D. McLaren

Buy the book: Brian D. McLaren. More Ready Than You Realize

Release Date: 01 January, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Brian D. McLaren. More Ready Than You Realize

fresh perspective into new realities

still sharing your faith using the four spiritual laws? still trying to "convert" the lost? still sharpening your knowledge of apologetics so that you can "win" arguments? Brian McLaren, in More Ready Than You Realize, proposes that the most effective way to share your faith is become a spiritual friend who asks more questions than providing concrete answers. Get others to tell their stories, and really listen. Tell your own story of finding faith, finding grace, finding love. This book's main proposition is that people will continue to seek and find Christ if we give them space and if we remain "safe" friends to talk to.

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This book will change your life

More Ready Than You Realize is an excellent way to take your experience with God, and how He relates to the world to the next level (actually, for some of you this approach might mean that you take evangelism DOWN a couple levels - back to something that's more Christlike.)

As you read throught the book McLaren makes insightful and challenging points, by the end, you'll find yourself really thinking about the REASONS that you "evanglize" and really probing yourself for the way to find God's will in making this world a better place.

You might think this book is about how to evangelize others, but I guarantee by the end of it - you'll feel that you've been reborn. This kind of reading is so refreshing for modern followers of God (I don't even really like the word "Christian" personally because it doesn't even have anything to do with "Christ" for many people, and thus misses the point and just labels you.)

This book is HIGHLY recommended.

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