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Mind Siege : The Battle for the Truth

by Tim LaHaye, David Noebel

Buy the book: Tim LaHaye. Mind Siege : The Battle for the Truth

Release Date: 31 May, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Tim LaHaye. Mind Siege : The Battle for the Truth

News to Those Who Should Know Better.

I am first and foremost a Christian. I am also an educated adult who has worked in the field of education. I have a variety of experience in the arts and have attempted to keep current on news and world affairs. Therefore, I really wasn't all that impressed by MIND SIEGE. The author's main point of the book is to illustrate to Christians how secular humanists are taking over the world. Now, some may find that assertion far fetched. However, it really isn't and I agree with it.

The problem I had with MIND SIEGE wasn't the message (it's not intended for the unconverted). The problem with MIND SIEGE is that Tim LaHaye's writing really isn't that great and he uses a bunch of sources that are basically the same source. Therefore, though the book has a good message it's tangled up in bad writing and bad research. Had LaHaye done a better job at writing and researching the book, it would have been much better. Still it's a decent book to read for any Christian who really doesn't have a clue what's going on in the world and who maybe wondering how they can influence the culture. For anyone who is at least half-way knowledgeable I recommend reading ROARING LAMBS by Bill Briner or HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE by Francis Schafer.

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Alarmist comedy for the already-converted

This is a book so far removed from objective reality that I don't really think it could convince many people who didn't already believe its message. The book starts with a hilarious scenario about life in the very near future, where Christians have been declared insane terrorists, and all nations have joined together in a one-world government. I guess the racial, social, tribal and religious differences which have divided people since man could pick up a sharp stone have dissapeared in less than 15 years due to secular humanism... hey, wait, that doesn't sound all that bad! No more war, racism, poverty. Oops! I think LaHaye and Noebel have had the opposite effect on me!

The authors write, "It is no overstatement to declare that most of today's evils can be traced to secular humanism..." That sentence sums up their falacious argument succinctly. I think the authors' main flaw, and the one which destabilizes so many of their arguments, is the assumption that their foe (God-hating Secular Humansts) is somehow as organized and cannonized as their group (Evangelical Christians).

This distopian view of a Secular Humanist future should be read by everyone to give some sort of understanding to the religious right and their beliefs. If the religious right continues down the path of ignoring science, demonizing everyone else and devaluing any ideas outside of their narrow belief system, then the future could look bleak for them; but rather than the oppressed "Christian Terrorists" the authors describe in their book, fundamentalist Christians will be viewed by the majority of people the same way the Amish are viewed by fundamentalist Christians: a benign misguided curiousity, interesting to look at from the outside, but not something one would ever want to be.
I give the book two stars for the belly laughs in every chapter.

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