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Loitering With Intent : My Adventures in Catholic Evangelization

by Vincent Cacace

Buy the book: Vincent Cacace. Loitering With Intent : My Adventures in Catholic Evangelization

Release Date: 01 February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Vincent Cacace. Loitering With Intent : My Adventures in Catholic Evangelization

Thoughts of Fellow Catholic

Many of the responses given by Vincent to non-Catholics concerning their beliefs and questions are also beneficial for practicing Catholics. Although much of the book is written in the first person if read as a journal it seems appropriate. For those of us not fortunate enough to enjoy Vincent's experiences this book is very informative. Finally, reading this book does urge one into action and this may be one of the most important results.

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Practical Tips on how to be an Effective Catholic Apologist

So you don't know Vincent Cacace. Doesn't matter. This man is terrific. He's not famous, but boy he does know how to evangelize! This book is full of practical apologetics. Now that you know your faith, you must go out and spread it. Vincent Cacace can show you how; he's afraid of nothing--whether it's appearing on a televised Protestant conference, in Kingdom Hall, in prison, or at a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor's house. Cacace will show you how any simple Catholic can go out and evangelize the world. The only drawback to the book is that it keeps referring to Medjugorje, a purported but false apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which, by the way, has never been approved by the Church. But other than that, the book is great. It is immensely practical and very inspiring!

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