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Lord, I'm Going Where?

by Deacon Denny

Buy the book: Deacon Denny. Lord, I'm Going Where?

Release Date: 01 December, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Deacon Denny. Lord, I'm Going Where?

Faith building!!!!!

"Lord, I'm Going Where?" is a wonderful book that tells the story of how God moved on the hearts of 2 wonderful Pastors in Uganda to come to the United States with message for America and how that led to a God appointed friendship with Deacon Denny. This book is a "diary" of sorts telling of how Denny and his wife Cindy responded to the call that God placed on their hearts to go to Uganda to preach the gospel there and how HE provided the means to do so and the miracles that were to follow as Denny and the rest of the ministry team traveled through Northern Uganda and encouraged the young pastors there. Your faith will grow and you will be challenged in your own walk while you read this book and for the rest of your life. You too will ask yourself "Lord, I'm Going Where?" when you open yourself up fully to be used by God as Denny and Cindy were.
For me, this book was also a wonderful time to remember and cherish those two Ugandan Pastors, Lawnsome and Martin, who came to our church with Denny and Cindy. We fell in love with them immediately and continue to pray for them and hold them dear to our hearts. I'm so glad that Denny put their "journey" down on paper so that we all can share in the wonderful things that God has and continues to do!!!!

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