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Last Chance: A Survival Guide for End-Times Evangelism

by Greg Stier

Buy the book: Greg Stier. Last Chance: A Survival Guide for End-Times Evangelism

Release Date: February, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Greg Stier. Last Chance: A Survival Guide for End-Times Evangelism

Last Chance: A Survial Guide for End - times Evangelism

I did not just want another adult to share what they thought so I had one of the students in my Student Ministry read the book and this is what she shared:
"Last Chance" is a great book, and I know it has changed the way I think of most biblical things. Such as, when the rapture will take place, prophecy, and ways to share your love for Christ to others who are unfortunate enough not to know Jesus at all. This book talked about things that really mattered to teens, like sharing the word with your friends and other non believers. They gave this analogy "Gospel". Gospel stands for God created us to be with Him. Our sins separate us from God. Sins cannot be removed by good deeds. Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again. Everyone who trusts in him alone has eternal life. Life that's eternal means we will be with Jesus forever. It gave me a way to evangelize to my friends or anyone, because "Gospel" tells you everything it takes to be a Christian.

I personally am not one who likes to read, but reading this book was really an awesome experience. I now have more confidence to talk to my friends about Christ, and I know how to begin a God talk without coming on to strong with it. I was always looking forward to reading "Last Chance" because I would always learn something new every time I would open up to read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone to read. I truly believe that anyone would get something big or maybe even something life changing out of it. I know it changed my life in a big way. Thank you so much Gregg Stier for writing such a terrific book. Kristen Taylor 8th Grade in Mesa, AZ

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