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Key to the Missionary Problem

by Andrew Murray, Leona Choy

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Release Date: December, 1981

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Andrew Murray. Key to the Missionary Problem

Christ centered response to the missionary problem!

Andrew Murray's book is one of the best books I've read in my Doctor of Ministries program. The postmodern culture in which we live has made personal evangelism a subject of derision and scorn. Many churches have even relegated individual soul winning as an archaic practice. Murray repeatedly makes the case that the reason soul winning is no longer fashionable is due to the lack of love we have for Jesus Christ Himself. Murray's book is like a breath of fresh air in an age when we focus on 'political correctness' and 'pluralism' and 'tolerance' to the exclusion of upholding the Biblical standard and obedience to the directive to go and make disciples of all peoples. If we claim to be Christian we cannot ignore Jesus' command to be His witnesses in the world to bring people to faith in Him. The Key to the Missionary Problem is a powerful, inspirational, work that should be read by every person who claims the title 'Christian'. The key to the problem is definitely a personal one; the solution to which is renewed love for Jesus and renewed love for those without faith in Jesus; enough love to share the message of salvation in Jesus Christ with them.

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Christian Missions The Way It Ought To Be & How it can be.

In 1901, New York City was the site of a large and important Christain Missions Conference. No less than revivalists and missionary luminaries, Dwight Moody, Smith Wigglesworth and Hudson Taylor tried to persuade Andrew Murray of South Africa to minister wtih them. Andrew Murray declined - twice. The Missions Conference sessions were transcribed in their entirity and the manuscript sent to Murray. The Key to the Missionary Problem is his discerning and insightful response. He outlines in brief what he understood the other participants to say before launching an answer that hits a bullseye not even targeted by the others. A highligt from Chapter three gives a brilliant history of the Moravians (the present-day Brethren Congregationalists), the most successful missionary sending church since the days of Pentecost. Chapter six sets out a description of the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life that should delight and challenge even todays believers. The Key to the Missionary Problem is a "must read" for all of us who hold dear the ideal of a personal walk with Jesus Christ.

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