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Jim Bakker: Miscarriage of Justice?

by James A. Albert

Buy the book: James A. Albert. Jim Bakker: Miscarriage of Justice?

Release Date: October, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: James A. Albert. Jim Bakker: Miscarriage of Justice?

Jim Bakker: Miscarriage of Justice

Set aside your current read and delve into this book ! Albert ask the question, was an innocent man sent to jail ? The answer is unequivcally YES ! Jesus was put on the cross for who He was, an innocent man. Joseph (coat of many colors) was accused of sexual assault and spent 11 years behind bars for a crime he never commited and Jim Bakker was tried and condemned before his trial. If there were ever a 21st century "type of Christ" it's Jim Bakker.

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We thought the book was a very candid account of the facts that lead to the fall of PTL, as well as the changes in his life and the release of Jim Bakker. It seems to bring out many truths not only about the then PTL, but, also the now TBN. With the hinting toward the partnership that Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker had with Paul & Jan Crouch in the beginning, it would seem that one can now have a more indepth understanding of TBN's tactics as well as those of other ministries. However, we did notice that it left out the part about the power struggle that lead to the Bakker's moving to N.C.. It also, seems to shed a very bright light on the actions of TBN as to why they feel worthy enough to judge Christians as to whether they are seasoned and or well established enough to be permitted on the very air waves that the unaware Christians paid for. As Bakker's book states, he himself used such tactics when deciding which guests to have on the PTL show. As we understand it, Bakker also, only wanted those guests whom he felt would bring in the most money. Since finding out about their partnership, it is not hard for us to understand some of the other actions of TBN. The book explained about the fact that he, Jim Bakker, handled his PTL program inapproiately as well as the money. At the same time it lead us to think of TBN / Paul & Jan Crouch. We thought of the fact that the IRS wanted TBN to pay taxes on millions of dollars, yet, TBN claimed to be a non-profit organization. While reading it seemed to us that it was about that time Jan decided to redecorate the sets /studios, Paul decided that it wasn't anyone's business how much money they take in during a praise-a-thon so they decided to not show it any more. We believe that it was also close to this time that they, TBN, decided to use their supposed non-profit money to fund the personal production business for Paul & Jan' son, Matt Crouch. As we understand it, Jim Bakker was sent to prison on fraudulent charges, and the more we discover about TBN and the close partnership with the Bakkers, we wonder if maybe someone else was supposed to or should have gone to jail with Bakker? With all that's happened, we are also, wondering if TBN / Paul & Jan Crouch even paid any taxes on the 60 MILLION DOLLARS THAT PAUL CROUCH /TBN IS SUPPOSED TO PAY AS A SETTLEMENT THROUGH FCC? Once again, we notice a similarity between the PTL / Jim Bakker situation and TBN / Paul Crouch matter. We feel however, that there is one very important point that needs to be made here. Even though Bakker went to prison, as God showed Bakker the error of his ways, Bakker began trying to make amends, God provided him with a miracle. God set Jim free to teach and tell the world what God had done for him. Now the concern we have is for those that were under Bakker's teachings from the past. As Bakker supposedly got caught up in the largeness of the moment and could only see the aspects of the money, the question that one might ask is will someone else have to go to prison before they will see and understand the truth as God would want them to? Prison is a harsh thing to have happen, but, we can imagine that knowing what he knows now, Bakker is thankful for the experience because it has been used to bring him closer to God. Since Paul & Jan were partners with the Bakker's, it seems that they may have learned most of their tactics from the old Bakker. We can only hope that they as well as others will see the error before it's too late and maybe learn at least some of the truths that the new Bakker is now trying to teach. This reminded us of a scripture verse where it speaks of the end and those that stand before Jesus saying,' Lord, Lord, and Jesus has to tell them to depart from HIM because he never knew them'. After all of their supposed hard works for the Lord, to us it seems that they will be turned away because in their hearts they hadn't heard the soft teaching of the almighty Lord. Then, as it is written, it will be too late. One of our favorite scriptures is Matthew 15:10 Sissie & Nette

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