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How to Win Souls & Influence People

by Ray Comfort

Buy the book: Ray Comfort. How to Win Souls & Influence People

Release Date: July, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ray Comfort. How to Win Souls & Influence People

Ray Comfort - How To Win Souls & Influence People

Excellent book! A must read for any Christian seeking the will of God for their lives. It will equip and motivate you to do the work God has called you to do. You can't go wrong with any of Ray's tracts, tapes, or books!

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A very practical and helpful book

This is a re-write of a couple of Ray's earlier books, and includes some fresh material. "How to Win Souls and Influence People" is a book that not only will stir you to get out and do something for the Kingdom of God:

"Soldier, what are you doing for the Kingdom of God? Are you waiting for a 'word from God'? Then here it is -- 'Go' (Mark 16:15). What are you waiting for? Go somewhere, do something, say something to somebody somewhere, somehow. One day you will be dead, and then it will be too late. While you can think, speak, move your hands and feet, do something for God." (pg. 53-54)

It will also teach you how to approach people, open a conversation, use tracts or other resources (like a blank piece of paper, pg. 193) to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With this book, and his "Hell's Best Kept Secret" (also available through Amazon), you will have not only a fire put in you to get out and share your faith, but you will be equipped with the method and tools to do so effectively.

If you know that you should witness, but are scared to death to do so, or just don't know how, then get this book, read it, and put it's principles into practice...and you'll never be the same!

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