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Informed Intercession

by George Otis Jr., George K., Jr. Otis

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Release Date: 25 January, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: George Otis Jr.. Informed Intercession

Accessing the innermost recess of the hidden dimension

This book contains a cluster of excitements. It talks about transformation of cities, blessings upon cities, wonderful conversions, compelling evidences and then leading to more meaty materials on strategic research.

By and large, the weight of Otis message touches on a very much controversial issue, which is spiritual mapping. Some have called this exercise mystical. Others have challenged and call it unbiblical. Otis need not justify. He is in the business of finding out and reinforcing the truth. Many of us read line upon line but Otis reads a deeper meaning in between the lines, and that creates a drive in him to demystify the riddle behind our earthly dimension.

This is why the author is willing to paddle sacred mountains, interview a host of spiritual practitioners, identify topology of cities and various locations just to find out a truth to one pivotal question, "Why does spiritual darkness linger where it does? ". This book articulates his dedication.

But the fruits of Otis research per se is not an end to itself as he has to assembly them into ready-to-use tools. Knowing that spiritual rookies can be raw in this subject, Otis has also prepared simple materials in the form of questionnaires and wise guidelines that can help them to explore new ground using spiritual mapping.

The final product of spiritual mapping contains revolutionary methods that can give us understanding to our natural dimension from a spiritual perspective. Therefore with this kind of first class data, we are more acutely aware of the dark corners of our living dimension. The insightful information found in this book have also brought me to another mileage of realization. That is happenstance is a foolish answer to the ignorant. The happenings in our dimension are the visible products engineered by "invisible hands" of the spiritual realm.

Regardless of what critics have to offer, the end results of spiritual mapping speaks for itself. I am sure intercessors all over have already a deep appreciation towards the painstaking journey of Otis research and quest for truth. Many of them already found it extremely useful. Spiritual giants can now be subdued with intelligent utterances towards heaven. No wonder Otis stands out as a favorite consultant among prayer partners.

To put it succinctly, this book is both educational and enjoyable. The wisdom and integrity revealed here is certainly a product of its own class, that can now be applied by many who wants to see their own cities transform. Intercessors, make sure this book is included in your prayer class !

To Otis and Sentinel group thanks a million !

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