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Hell's Best Kept Secret

by Ray Comfort

Buy the book: Ray Comfort. Hell's Best Kept Secret

Release Date: January, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ray Comfort. Hell's Best Kept Secret

"Do NOT read this book!" - Satan

Satan does not want you to read this book! Though it has been out for a decade, it has really been continually suppressed by the Devil. Not anymore! With the Internet as a resource, as long as there are brothers like myself who are convicted of God's word, I will make sure that this secret is no longer kept hidden!

After four years of frustration in Campus Crusade using the Four Spiritual Laws to share the Gospel, I was greatly delighted to find Ray Comfort's audio message at his web site (raycomfort.com)! The issues I had seen in conversions were never dealt with since I became active in evangelism. No one wanted to touch it, everyone just encouraged me to continue sharing "God is love", "He offers a wonderful plan for you", and "make a decision for Christ!". But I knew what I saw. A lot of ppl were praying to receive Christ, but none of them were keeping in the faith (followup didn't work either). And then Ray Comfort hit the nail right on the head! I felt God placing an urgency in my heart to research this message and check it to Scripture so I ordered the book, video, whatever I could afford. And I can say that everything is Biblical... in fact, Ray Comfort stands on a cloud of witnesses that have gone before him with the same message!

John Wesley, the renown and highly successful open air preacher wrote to a young colleague of his, "Preace 90% law, 10% grace!" Martin Luther taught, "The first duty of the Gospel preacher is to declare God's law and show the nature of sin." In "Hell's Best Kept Secret", Ray Comfort has not invented a brand new concept, but he has rediscovered a secret to reaching the lost that has been suppressed by Satan in the last 100 years. He writes with conviction, Biblical insight, and wit!

It's time for followers of Christ to wake up, I think it's time for you to get this book! You can discover the same secret by reading through the many sermon notes and pages of books written by John Wesley, Martin Luther, Spurgeon, Charles Finney, and Jonathan Edwards... but it may serve your wallet and schedule right to just buy this (...) book (you can listen to him preach about it on his web site). Ray Comfort has done the research for you and with 15 years of daily open-air preaching/evangelism under his belt, he knows what he's talking about. He doesn't just talk the talk like most Christian authors do today... he walks the walk! He shares valuable insight that cannot be known without the vigorous evangelism he has done. But don't take my word for it, get the video by the same name, it contains videos of his open-air preaching sessions and interviews with pedestrians that really amplify the truth of the message.

Before you can tell someone of the cure, or even tell them about the impending death, you must convince them that they have a disease. Only God's law can convince and convict the sinner of His sin before God.

Press on Mr. Ray Comfort, I just shared the Gospel using the new Biblical approach and brought my cousin to Christ after Thanksgiving day! Someone who would've never responded to a 4 Spiritual Laws presentation! Hallelujah!

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There Is No Good News without Bad News

Without conviction of sin there is no confession of sin; without confession of sin there is no repentence of sin; without repentence of sin there is no salvation from sin. Faithful to the Bible, Ray Comfort, practices and in Hell's Best Kept Secret promotes a radical form of evangelism that begins with the premise that the Law of God condemns to eternal damnation those who are yet under the mastery of our sins. Without this conviction, why should there be any imperative to believe the good news that Jesus Christ died so that we can be forgiven, through faith in Him, for our sins and that He arose from the dead so that we too can have eternal life? Ray is grieved by the shallowness of many cheap, easy-believer, feel-good temporary professions of faith that are in response to a watered-down Gospel. As an counterpoint, he does not mince any words with his accurate and comprehensive restatement of Christ's authentic Gospel. This book is refreshing in its tough honesty. Because it conforms to Biblical truth, it is powerful in its conclusions. Hell's Best Kept Secret is the most convicting, provoking and reassuring book on evangelism I have read.

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