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How to Share Your Faith

by Greg Laurie

Buy the book: Greg Laurie. How to Share Your Faith

Release Date: 01 October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Greg Laurie. How to Share Your Faith

An essential tool

I really enjoyed this book because it highlights those subtle intricacies that new believers and/or those who haven't done much if any witnessing, should know. What to look for, bring out, and how to close the deal are vital topics for sucessful witnessing. He also clearly explains why a decisionfor Christ should not be delayed, in a way that can be easily duplicated. The explanations and use of Rev. Laurie's sometimes comically persented personal experiences bring this info down to the place where all ages and backgrounds can understand it, especially teens. Lastly, the book, like Rev. Laurie's preaching is so down to earth that anyone wanting to learn will and those who don't will be left questioning what they really do believe. I highly recommend the book.

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How To Share Your Faith

This book lives up to its name. The content is simple yet importantly powerful. It deals with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gives insight into how to be effective in sharing this message. Greg Laurie's comparison of fishing to sharing one's faith is accurate and humorous. The most impressive aspect of this book is its emphasis that the desire to witness (sharing the faith) must be given by God. The short length of the book makes it readable for any Christian (young or old).

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