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Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

by Jim Cymbala, Dean Merrill

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Release Date: 18 April, 1997

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jim Cymbala. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

Good, but had some problems

I totally agreed with the main point of the book. Prayer is very important and vital to having our spiritual lives strengthened. As believers our prayer can do a lot of awesome things in our lives and in the lives of others. We should call on God in prayer during times of need and times of joy. God can accomplish great things. We as believers must use the awesome gift of prayer that God gave to us.

Chapter 9

I found this chapter most troubling because of his position. I understand what the author is stating and agree on the point that doctrine alone is not enough. I believe that doctrine plus prayer, plus the Holy Spirit, equals great spiritual movement for that assembly. Prayer without doctrine will not produce good results either. I believe all those things (prayer, doctrine, Holy Spirit) must be present for there to be spiritual growth. The author seemed to be stating that correct biblical teaching is not as important as we make it out to be. I find a real big problem here. If incorrect doctrine is being taught, this brings confusion, and is contrary to what God wants.

The author claims to worship in how we are moved and to basically put sound doctrine aside. This is completely unscriptural. My question to the author is this, "Do we worship in sound doctrine or worship in how we are moved? What if those 'movements' are contrary to God's Word?" My answer is to worship in sound doctrine and movements, as long as the movements do not contradict scripture, if they do, then those movements are not of God.

The quote on page #152 of, "So church leaders today reject the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit in the name of sound doctrine." My question would be, "So are we to reject sound doctrine in the name of the power that is supposedly the "Holy Spirit?" Never. We are to live by sound doctrine and let the power of the Spirit move according to sound doctrine. He is basically stating that sound doctrine should be put aside in the name of the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit. How could it be a movement of the Holy Spirit if it is contrary to God's will/sound doctrine? The Holy Spirit would never move contrary to God's will/sound doctrine. So the movement can not be of the Holy Spirit but of the flesh. The two (sound doctrine and the Holy Spirit) must work in agreement!! With sound doctrine/God's Word being the driving force, not human emotion or experience.

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Prayer Power in Action

To say this is a gripping and inspirational book fails to do it justice. From the stiring testimonials of God's power working through the lives of those touched by the Brooklyn Tabernacle to the accounts of God's marvelous acts from the pages of holy Scripture, Jim Cymbala's book is a masterpiece. I do not believe it is possible for a person who is seeking after God to read this book without being deeply touched. Oh that every Christian, especially every pastor and church leader, would pay heed to the truths shared in this Spirit-inspired book. <><

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