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Floods upon a Dry Ground

by Charles Schmitt

Buy the book: Charles Schmitt. Floods upon a Dry Ground

Release Date: August, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Charles Schmitt. Floods upon a Dry Ground

A Great First Read for Church History

This books is a great read for those that aren't really that familiar with Christian church history. I am fairly ignorant in terms of church history and found this book to be a tremendous help and guide to the history of the Christian church. This book was a required read in bible school and I found it very easy to read. It's not like a textbook because of it's user friendly approach, but it's still a history book.

From the days of the early church to current times. ANd it even has a website address for updates to what's going on in the Christian church, so this book won't get outdated easily. This book covers how well the church went and why the church declined. Charles Schmitt really outlines what happened in the early church to cause the rapid decline of Christianity. This book spends a great deal of time covering many significant figures that were martyred/murdered for the gospel. Some very insightful aspects of the book are when the author describes how and why various Christian creeds were developed. There is a great deal of time spend on the explosions of the 1800's. The book traces moves of God all the way up to what is going on in places like Toronto, Pensacola, and other North American cities.

"Those ignorant of history are destined to repeat it", is an old phrase and is the reason why a book such as this should be read by Christians. Christians should be aware of why things have failed in the past and what has caused great moves of God to thrive. This book is not even very long at 240 pages plus Appendixes. it only took me a week to read and at times was difficult to put down. This is great book that will likely get me reading other historical books about church history. And there is a bibliography in the back of the book for those that want to continue education in this area.

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Best Christian history text; superb research

The only thing wrong with this is that it is paperback, and not a hard bound textbook. This research is in depth and honestly seeks to see the moving of the holy spirit throughout history with a freshness I have never found in any Christian history texts. Highly suggested for any student.

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