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Every Nation in Our Generation

by Rice Broocks, Rice Brooks

Buy the book: Rice Broocks. Every Nation in Our Generation

Release Date: December, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rice Broocks. Every Nation in Our Generation

A Blueprint For Discipling the Nations

Read this book and then read Douglas Layton's My Father's Kingdom.
These two books go hand in hand with one another.
Rice Broocks presents a compelling argument on why and how
the saints should go into places that no one has ever gone
before. Rice presents a modern *Acts* story of how nations
are being changed today and thus provides a sort of a telescopic view
of what has happened where Acts closes and
what has been continuing to happen NOW. Although this is book
concentrates on the movement that Rice is involved in, it still
presents a great challenge to those would like to follow in
the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Considering what Apostle
Paul accomplished in an era without satellites, email or jet
travel, Rice provides an answer (and also possibilities) to the question
at the back of peoples' minds : "What would the Apostle Paul accomplish
if he was living today". The last paragraph sums it all up for the would-be
reader - the end-time army is not going to be composed of wannabe
spiritual superstars but a multitude of faceless
unknowns who are anointed and apointed.
Read this at your own risk.
This could ruin your life for the better.
Readers of Rice first book "Change the Campus, Change the World"
will be familiar with his thesis : the campus is where it's at!
This books is a good summary of what has happened since he wrote
the first book and how valid his original thesis was.
Every CP should have this as a handy reference of what can be

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Exactly what we should be doing!

Rice Brooks lays out what all generations of Christians have been mandated to do. His challenge will we do in this generation, what past generations have not? It is my prayer that if you read this entry you would catch the vision of what has been wrote in this book.

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