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Experience the Blessing

by John Arnott

Buy the book: John Arnott. Experience the Blessing

Release Date: January, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Arnott. Experience the Blessing

I've been blessed by reading this book

I just visited TACF this past weekend, but the real blessings are coming to me through reading this book and hearing the actual testimonies from various people who've been touched by the Holy Spirit at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church and John and Carol Arnott. You'll alternate between laughing and crying and the pages just ooze with the Spirit of God and all that is happening around the world. The revelations in this book are outstanding. Do yourself a favor, make a resolution and start '03 off right by reading this book and taking heed.

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Testimonies clearly show Toronto's huge impact on the church

Many say "the renewal" has faded, but this book clearly shows that its effects have been great and that they continue to this day. I loved reading testimony after testimony of what God did in the lives of many different people, most of which have had their lives significantly changed by the Father's Blessing. It becomes obvious by reading these testimonies that the Renewal is not some fad or just hype, but a real move of God that is gradually changing the church as we know it. Christians need to truly experience the love of the Father, and that's just what happened to these people -- and it changed their lives! I cried and cried, especially reading the testimony of Rolland and Heidi Baker. These precious people are missionaires to the poorest of the poor in Mozambique Africa. When the government took their facillities for their orphanage away, they were offered one million dollars from a US church, but only if they stopped any association with the Toronto church. They refused because the "Toronto Blessing" is real and has changed their lives. While at Toronto, Jesus spoke to Heidi Baker in a vision, and said "Look into my eyes". He told here there would always be enough, because He would always provide. Since then they have fed thousands with almost no money, they have cared for hundreds of orphans, they have started over 400 churches, and have seen the blind healed, the lame walking, and even the dead raised to life through the pastors that work for them. Heidi said she never turns an orphan away -- God will provide. And she, when in Toronto, was so taken by the Father's Blessing that she couldn't walk for days -- overcome by the power and love of God. The Toronto Blessing also had a huge impact on what has become known as the Brownsville Revival. Pastor John Kilpatrick said that he would have never believed the things that happened to his wife Brenda when she went to Toronto, except that it is WAS HIS WIFE! And he knew her too well to know this was just hype! You too can know the Father's Blessing. This book will certainly help, but you can even experience Him right now! Just ask Him, and I pray the Father will pour out His river of living water into your heart -- right now! Go God!

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