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Evangelism That Works: A ""How To"" Manual on Unconventional Soul Winning

by Phil Derstine, Tommy Barnett

Buy the book: Phil Derstine. Evangelism That Works: A

Release Date: November, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Phil Derstine. Evangelism That Works: A

Good backgrounder, but...

This book provides many good ideas but falls short on presenting how-to items succinctly.

What I was looking for was a book I could use to teach a class on relationship evangelism. Furthermore, my ideal is a book that addresses post-modern people (especially Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers) with their common aversion to embracing any exclusive or absolute truth.

In my view, such a book needs to combine both scriptural foundations and practical models. If the book hits this target, the reader will learn a few memorable approaches and build lifelong habits.

This book, like most on the subject, takes a narrative approach to each chapter. What I would have liked but did not find were:

1. Discussion or review questions at the end of each chapter
2. Application exercise(s) at the end of each chapter

So, in my view, this book fell short on providing clear, easy to adopt "how to" ways to build effective relationship evangelism habits.

A promising new book that I may use is Evangelism Outside The Box (Rick Richardson, 2000).

Older books that have worked well for me in teaching others are: (roughly in order of preference): Power Evangelism (John Wimber, 1992), Witnessing Without Fear (Bill Bright, 1987), Out of the Salt Shaker (Rebecca Pippert).

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