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Evangelism: A Concise History

by John Mark Terry

Buy the book: John Mark Terry. Evangelism: A Concise History

Release Date: October, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Mark Terry. Evangelism: A Concise History

A Good Place to Start

This book is good for someone just entering the world of church history and evengelism. It is very easy to read and is a ready reference for some of those hard to remember periods in church history. The book rightly begins with our model for evangelism, the living Son of God, Jesus Christ. It then proceeds to follow evangelistic history from Christ forward. The first twelve chapters provide the historic background of evangelism. The last three chapters discuss more recent developments; youth, personal and media forms of evangelism.

One of the most helpful features was the inclusion of study questions at the end of each chapter. This feature is especially helpful for a neophyte evangelist attempting to remember pertinent information.

The last chapter of the book is more of a criticism of televangelists than anything else. The final study question on the last page of the book reads: "What are the problems with television evangelism?"(210) Granted, there are numerous problems with television evangelism, but prior to this final chapter Terry had maintained a more upbeat approach. He broke from the form he used during the first 14 chapters when he wrote this final chapter. While the chapter is important, I would not have placed it as the final chapter in this book nor would I have broken from the form I had established in the previous 14 chapters.

This book is a good place to start for those interested in evangelism and its place in church history. Although no bibliography is present, footnotes are included for those desiring more depth of study. I will keep this book in my library as a ready and easily accessible reference.

Semper fi & agape, Ed D.

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