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Evangelism Explosion 4th Edition

by D. James Kennedy

Buy the book: D. James Kennedy. Evangelism Explosion 4th Edition

Release Date: July, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: D. James Kennedy. Evangelism Explosion 4th Edition

Good and practical

This is a pretty good book on how to do door-to-door "friendship" evangelism. I used this as a text book in a Evangelism class that I took at Lee University, and greatly enjoyed it. The book is designed so you could take the information you learned in this book, and train others with it.

My only complaint about the book is that it does not encourage people to be a little more aggressive in their presentation of the gospel. If one is not careful, and simply tried to use this book as the only method of presenting the gospel to sinners, then one could end up reducing the gospel to "Jesus is my buddy, Jesus is my pal, Jesus makes me feel good."

I would recommend not using the outline for presenting the gospel very strictly, but simply as a basic template (which is good at incorperating all the basic elements of the gospel).

Ultimately... my opinion is that this is a great book, and every church would do well to get this into the hands of their members.

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Great teaching to tool to reach people for Christ!!!

Easy to read and has step by step instructions on how to share the gospel

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