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Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

by Walter A. Elwell

Buy the book: Walter A. Elwell. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Release Date: May, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Walter A. Elwell. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

A Standard Primer for Theology

I found this to be a useful, standard, objective primer for theological studies. The contributors, all brilliant scholars, were very fair to the opposing view, adequatley describing thier position and only rarely critiquing it.

I found this to be a fresh evangelical approach to the Neo-Orthodoxy that I am exposed to daily. I recommend the second edition which has been updated to include modern scholars as Packer and Lloyd-Jones.

Final Analysis
The qualities of this work are its objectivity, freshness (without being preachy), and its broad expanse of topics. The downside would be its tendency for being wordy and laborious on some issues. Do not let this prevent you from buying it, just be forewarned. All in all, a handy tool.

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A great work, but sometimes biased.

No doubt this is a great volume and is an essential reference work for evangelical theology. The dictionary provides a good overview of the evangelical position on many contemporary issues in theology.

I am periodically disappointed, though, at the biased perspective of some of the articles. For example, the one on "election" simply assumes a Calvinist position (though many "evangelicals" are Arminians, and many Arminians even contribute to the dictionary). In this regard, Van Harvey's classic "A Handbook of Theological Terms" is superior in its unbiased treatment of terms.

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