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eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation

by Andrew Careaga, Leonard Sweet

Buy the book: Andrew Careaga. eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation

Release Date: February, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Andrew Careaga. eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation

Very Good, But Laced with Post-Modern Paranoia

Andrew Careaga has written a very good book about ministry in cyberspace and what he terms the N-geners.

This book is much more substantive and useful than his previous book on a related subject, E-vangelism. He has put a lot of work into this new work, and his argument is tight and focused. The ultimate point is to explore the nature of the newest generation (those following Generation-X). I found many of his insights to be very useful, especially as concerned distinctions between Gen-X and N-Geners. But a weakness is found in his rather two-dimensional analysis of 'Post-modernism.' His understanding of post-modernism seems incomplete, stressing the negatives while underplaying the strengths of this perspective on things. It becomes particularly annoying as he throws complaints about the pervasiveness of post-modernism within N-Gener thought. It reminds me of too much hollow sloganeering I have heard over the years -- 'Commies,' 'squares,' 'liberals,' and 'conservatives' -- these labels don't mean much when used sloppily. Nevertheless, the book makes a very important contribution that I think is worthy of notice.

The author has also prepared excellent resource references for the reader, and this deserves a great deal of praise.

This is a book that should be read by those who are interested in ministry, generational issues, and the Internet. I recommend it.

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Beyond the paradigms of Christian Internet books

What makes this book such interesting reading is that the author is a journalist, volunteer youth pastor, and a self-professed lover and user of the Internet from online chess to chatrooms. Many Christian Internet books in the past have either been written by either Christian sociologists or by divinity school college professors who were forced to use, but not necessarily embrace the Internet technology. It is this difference in mentality and background that easily allows Mr. Careaga to see outside the box of paradigms and show us how the latest toy, research tool, and communications media know as the Internet is the ripest harvest field for Christians to glean for souls in years. Answering the call of the postmodern generation's quest for spirituality, the author delves into the motivations, attention spans, actions, and feelings of the "N-Generation", the new generation of net-savvy people. In fact, the "N-generation" is actually the first generation of people to be exposed to the wonders (and in some cases, the darkness) of the Internet since their birth. This is a book that is needed now in order to understand postmodern culture and their fascination with the virtuality of the Internet. I recommend this book to those who desire to understand the need to effectively communicate the love of Jesus to the postmodern world. We clearly see how to fulfill the Great Commission online and fully see the mandate to take the 2000 year old message of Jesus Christ to the year 2000 generation using year 2000 technology.

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