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E.W. Kenyon - The True Story

by Joe McIntyre, Joseph McIntyre

Buy the book: Joe McIntyre. E.W. Kenyon - The True Story

Release Date: November, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Joe McIntyre. E.W. Kenyon - The True Story

Don't Waste Either Your Time Or Money On This!!!

Joe McIntyre - himself a Word of Faith teacher indoctrinated by the Faith movement - endeavors to present the "unbiased" truth about Christianity's Faith movement by telling what he claims is the "true" story of Faith founder, E.W. Kenyon. The problem, however, is that McIntyre tells this true story by out and out fabricating. He claims to be responding to "heresy hunters," but he does so by misrepresenting them at least FIVE times by my own count. Don't take my word for it, just check out his footnotes to find that he misrepresents people. But here's the best story of them all.

One of the sources cited by McIntyre contains information that contradicts what he says regarding Kenyon's death in 1948. He knows the information that contradicts him exists, but instead of acknowledging this fact, he simply doesn't mention it and then tells what he says is the "true" story of Kenyon. This fact alone disqualifies this book from being anything more than a reference so that Faith followers can say that questions are answered that HAVEN'T been answered.

But supposing McIntyre told the truth, here's something we learn by reading this book: E.W. Kenyon took aspirin - despite being "healed by Jesus' stripes" (p. 170). He suffered at one time from peritonitis (chapter 6). He was divorced even though he could manipulate his circumstances by "having what he said" (pp. 154-156). It appears that in telling the "true" story of E.W. Kenyon, we found that the message he proclaimed - and is still proclaimed today - is anything BUT true.

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Five Thumbs up!!! Awesome!! Resource

Pastor Joe McIntyre, has produced an invaluable resource text for those in the body of Christ, who are not only interested in knowing the True Story of E. W. Kenyon. But are spiritually hungry for the victorious Revelational Truths taught by E.W.K.
This book will not only inspire you, but put a glossy wheather
proof coating over your Faith-Walk from legalistic head-hunters, as well. Trust me!!!

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