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Cultural Anthropology

by Stephen A. Grunlan, Marvin Keene Mayers

Buy the book: Stephen A. Grunlan. Cultural Anthropology

Release Date: 29 March, 1988

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Stephen A. Grunlan. Cultural Anthropology

Nothing like anthropology

Anthropology entails 3 perspectives: (1) cross-cultural, or looking at other cultures than our own, (2) holistic, or looking at all parts of culture in relation to each other, and (3) relativistic, or looking at each culture as its own standard of values and meaning. Notice there is no "Christian perspective." Anthropology is not about judging other cultures, and it is certainly not about changing them. This book should not be called "Cultural Anthropology." What it suggests is nothing like anthropology. It should be called something like "Destroying Other Cultures with Your Culture" or "Destroying Anthropology by Misusing It." No real anthropologist would read this book, other than to learn about the mind of the true believer.

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Horrible misuse of anthropology

This book is a horrible, almost criminal, misuse of anthropology. If the author understood anything about the discipline, he would know that it is about relativism and respect for differences, not about trying to use cultural concepts to invade and indoctrinate other societies. There is no way we can control how our tools are used, but to employ anthropological knowledge and methods to overthrow another culture's religion is a betrayal of anthropology and cultural genocide against that culture. This book disgusts me, like all missionization.

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