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Dawning : The Next Great Move of God

by Kenneth Uptegrove

Buy the book: Kenneth Uptegrove. Dawning : The Next Great Move of God

Release Date: 22 October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kenneth Uptegrove. Dawning : The Next Great Move of God

Dawning: the Next Great Move of God

This is one of the few books that keeps driving you to your Bible to see if it really says that... and yes, it does! Kenneth Uptegrove has a way of putting things that gives one fresh insight and fresh enthusiasm.
As one who is convinced we are living in the last days, I was fascinated by his insight. This is a well documented, well written look at the next great move of God - the great harvest!

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The Inspired Perspective of a Revivalist

Even though I live in Guam, a tiny Pacific Island far, far away, I consider this gracious brother in Arkansas to be my personal friend - by way of e-mail.

Kenneth Uptegrove provides-from the perspective of a Revivalist-some wonderful insights and, I believe, inspired ideas on what to expect as the next great move of God begins to dawn upon us. Ken presents these insights in an apologetics style that is poignant and catching, like a book of modern wisdom literature. It will occur to you as you read these revelatory insights that they are self-evident to be true. I believe that when you read this new book by my friend, it will evoke in you a quiet satisfaction, a sense within that says, "That's good! That needs to be said. I always believed that but could never quite put it into words."

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