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City Reaching: On The Road To Community Transformation

by Jack Dennison

Buy the book: Jack Dennison. City Reaching: On The Road To Community Transformation

Release Date: 01 October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jack Dennison. City Reaching: On The Road To Community Transformation

Putting Your Faith to Work

This powerful book resonates with all Christians who feel that the church in America has become stale, compromising, and irrelevant for our times. How can we reach today's generations with authentic faith? How can we call on God's power to make a difference in our communities? This book provides an exciting answer -- to all who genuinely seek an active presence for God's church in these trying times. Renewal, revival, and community transformation ARE possible. May we join together in making it happen!

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Outstanding Resource!

As the General Supervisor of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in the United States, I constantly look for leading edge thinking to resource our 5,000 licensed ministers. Jack Dennison's book, CITY REACHING, is a seminal work which provides a strong biblical basis, historical precedent, and international testing for his city reaching model.

I ordered and distributed cases of this book to leaders including the 225 Divisional Superintendents in the U.S. I believe CITY REACHING will provide the platform for experimentation and a growing body of literature that will inform a return to reaching our cities. I will continue to use this book as our primary resource for city reaching information.

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