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Church for the Unchurched

by George G., III Hunter

Buy the book: George G., III Hunter. Church for the Unchurched

Release Date: January, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: George G., III Hunter. Church for the Unchurched

Opens ones eyes to our church culture

I found this book in our church library that had been left from a previous pastor. Being familiar with George Hunter and his work at Asbury Seminary, I was anxious to read what he had to say.

This book offers some solid insights to why people may be reluctant to go to ones church. The book in my estimation tries to take the reader outside of ones church culture and give them insight as to why some may find going to your church difficult.

I found the beginning of the book very helpful as it tried to address culture and reaching those who are part of the unchurched culture. However, the second part of the book which dealt with differing programs and functions in reaching the unchurched was very similar to a lot of the church growth books I have read. However, for one just picking up this book, they should find this section helpful.

Overall, this book is an excellent resource in trying to get the church to think about how it should respond and reach out to the world. While being somewhat dated, it still can be of good use.

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Rodboomboom never read the book!!!

As a professor of Religion, I have used this book to teach many classes. Dr. Hunter just came to my school to lecture on some of his methods. Dr. Hunter has been noted as the number one Church Growth and Evangelism lecturer in the United States. This book is very helpful...but challenging to read. Many of my students have found some parts hard to understand because of the language he uses. Definitely worth the read....(Oh and Trust me the Theology is Right on Target with the scripture)

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